Ma Monde
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2003-12-11 00:10:47 (UTC)


WHoo! It's been a long day. It's also been a wierd/funny
one. I went to my classes as usual, and then we had
a "Salt Day" in history. The AP Euro clas went to Aroma's
this morning, and one of the guys had a car wreck! Crazy?
Then after school, me and Dan stayed in the library and
worked on our WHAP notebooks and this weird guy was all
like "Lets move to Cedarville and we can live together and
get married" and then he was all rubbing my shoulders and
gahhh, CREEP! IT scared me, because I hate it when guys
just flat out hit on you. I just want a sweet guy who
would like me for me, and it would be a mutual thing. ANd
not some rodeo-loving fucking retard. BAH! WELL, after
that we went to WAlmart....yah yah, then we went to A-Z.
There we bought this hilarious CD! And it's all techno and
it's great. I want to use it for a gag gift at the party
next week. Oh, I've also noticed that Andy hasn't been
around with his fiance! Maybe they had a fight, I sure do
fucking hope so. I don't understand how he got into a
relationship right after Nicole, and I can't. HE's a
freaking jerk! SO I don't get it. I'm
destined to be single forever. WHat a lonely life I will
live, damnit. Cuz it's either be single, or take up the
offers from the creeps that hit on you in the
library...either way it's gonna suck. At least I've got my
best friend. HE can't fulfill the role as boyfriend, but
he sure is fun to have around. haha, I don't
know what I would do without him! Ahhh....going to
check out the new homestarrunner thingy. Whoo whoo.