The Pathetic Ramblings of Me
2003-12-10 22:45:48 (UTC)


So yesterday I was happy cuz I didnt have any exam until
5. That allowed me to sleep til 1:30 and still have
plenty of time to study. Woops... So at 3:30, when I
started my cram session, I realized thaty my exam was
already over. Apparently it was from 12-2. Let me tell
you what... That really sucked. But it all worked out ok
because I called my teacher and he let me come in and take
it right then. It took a little begging, but it was worth
it. I felt sick. But it all worked out so it wasnt a
huge disaster.

Then I went to ashleys and we studied for about 6 hours
for the aerodynamics test I had today. It was really
difficult, but I think the study session really paid off.
I am pretty sure i got at least a B which is much better
than the rest of my tests in that class. Fortunately my
papers were all 100's. So I don't think I need to be too
concerned with it.

I still have not gotten anything for my sister or mom or
dad... I have no good ideas. Ah well- It'll work out. I
think I am going apartment/jouse hunting tomorrow with
derek and Kristy because we need to do that soon and i
have absolutely nothing to do. Only 1 more exam, but its
at 8 a.m. on friday- What the hell?

Well, I have to go to work now (oh joy...) I will write