My Party Life
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2003-12-10 21:05:11 (UTC)

High School?

I swear these ho's be actin like they invincible or
something makin people wanna knock they heads off. I
started to get a book in U.S. History because Ms. Joan* was
about to drone on more of that bull$hit. Anyway as I was
coming back I caught this b1tch tryna grim me and I grimmed
her a$$ right back. I mean if you don't like me and you
wanna fight me b1tch it's whatever, and if you ho a$$
talkin behind my back it's all gravy because if I
catch yo a$$ or if I just don't like yo ass, yo sh1t will
get blown in. See normally, I'm a nice - nothing too
preppy or snobby just because I'm a popular chick, but I'm
not about to stand here and let somebody make a b1tch out
of me you know what I'm saying, I mean I won't go around
like these other ho's and talk sh1t or grim females because
I envy them or on certain ppl or even bump into them
saying "Excuse you!" But if somebody does that to I said- it's all gravy. I already can't stand a
majority of females anyway because the way they act just
because they jealous. That's those fake a$$ ho's that
wanna talk behind your back.