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2003-12-10 20:46:28 (UTC)

yeesh! another 5 months!

since i last posted here, really need to get writing
here :p
anyway. still engaged to kat, love her to bits, can't wait
till tomorrow night cause getting to see her for first
time in 3 weeks! not seen her since my bday, but what a
bday it was :p
hehe well wha else can i say, gonna see the new whip kat
got tomoz hehe, could be fun.
gotta go to work still :S got a job wi the inland revenue,
fixed term till end of march, so it's ok, well it's
ok ok! it's money alright??? :p
hehe neway. it's a cool job, got some new ppl coming this
week an monday, so will be a change, hopefully me, brian
an steven will have someone else sittin at our bank of 4
desks :p
miss sittin wi susan keith an craig tho, even tho susans
never at her seat, craigs an asshole(but he's an england
fan so we get on an stick together :p) an keiths left.
ooh well
fuckin NRG, the recruitment group, oh well neway, don't
need that job, they moved it to bathgate! lol
wow never knew so much had went on in my life! hehe
oh btw, i got a new webcam :) decided i'm gettin a PDA,
not building a new pc hehe.
and i WILL post in here at least once a week!