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2003-12-10 17:25:35 (UTC)


The church Christmas bazaar is over! We had a great deal of
fun and I made almost two hundred dollars. I did spend some
money on a book about the history of our small town done by
a local researcher (who was our neighbor for many years) and
which includes the story of a murder that happened on our
country place more than 150 years ago. The rest will go for
Christmas gifts.

I made seven pies (two mincemeat/custard, two pumpkin and
three peach) for the church to sell as we also offered lunch
and desserts. After making the three peach pies I put them
on the kitchen counter with a note "Do NOT eat! These are
for the church!" One of my sons saw the pies and the note
and inquired "What would Jesus do to me if I ate a slice of
one of these pies?" I gave him the Mom look and answered
"It isn't Jesus you have to worry about!"

Bob C. like the mincemeat/custard pie so well he bought an
entire pie to bring home. I have to remember to ask him for
my pie pan back this Sunday. And there was enough food left
over that there was a lunch after church last Sunday. There
are usually about 20-25 people every week and they were fed
with even a bit of food left over.

Yesterday I went to the church and finished preparing the
dozen Christmas baskets. I sewed napkins and baked
poundcakes for each one and ladies fom the church made
dozens of delicious cookies and treats to add to them. We
went to see several of our housebound church members to
deliever the goodies and sing carols. It was raining and
cold and dark but it was such a joy to do this. On Sunday
afternoon we'll be going to several nursing homes to do the
same thing and deliver the rest of the baskets.

Linda has said she will begin giving me piano lessons after
choir starting in January so I'm looking forward to that.

Today I'm dealing with the health insurance company.
GRRRR.. They've told us they are going to cancel Gavin's
health insurance because I haven't provided them with proof
that he is a full-time enrolled student. I did provide them
with a copy of his class schedule via the Internet but they
said that wasn't acceptable. They didn't say what was
acceptable to I called them. They wanted a letter from the
university's registrar's office verifying how many credits
he was taking. I called them and they told me that they no
longer did that but that he could get a copy of the class
schedule via the Internet. Well, that won't work... So I
called the insurance company back and talked to them again.
It turns out, however, that they DID accept this for Owen
but for some reason won't accept it from Gavin. They told me
to go ahead and send it anyway (I already did that but
apparently they lost it!) and they'll see what they can do.

I think I'll go have a cup of tea and a few Christmas
cookies before that. Of course, my stress level is going up
and who knows? it may very well result in a stress related