once again
2003-12-10 05:41:29 (UTC)

I feel better

I had a really awesome weekend so far and week with Ace.
Things are good and he tells me every day how special I am
and how glad he is to know that there is still a women out
there that can make him so happy. It makes me feel so good
and I believe him. I listened to me have a break down
today and all he did was offer comfort and support. He's a
good man. My sister and brother-in-law are in love with
him. He's so awesome, I'm so happy I know him and have him
in my life.

I've gone to both Dr.s today matter fo fact. I have to go
back on my anxiety meds and start knew allergy meds. He's
not quit sure what's wrong with me but thinks it has to do
with my allergies and not neurological. I was freaked out,
it is the same med that Patricia was on when she gained 50
lbs. I don't want to but he told me that an abnormal aide
affect and 90% of people experience weight loss. So we'll
see. I hope, and I have to change my birth control, the
flake of a gyne I went to today told me that migranes
aren't normal. But that's why I take the birth control so
she said it's no good and changed it. Totally ignored the
fact that I had my period 2 weeks early and it lasted 10
days. But what do I know, I mean it's only my body right?

Overall I think my attitude although i still feel very
depressed lately, is changing. I think that hopefully with
the new meds and me exercising again and Ace in my life
will better my well being. I hope to God, the new year is
right around the corner and I"d like to make this 2004 the
best ever. Wish me luck people, God knows I need it.