2003-12-10 02:31:07 (UTC)

what makes me sad at 3 am.

i was thinking. that if someone asked me, what do you look
for in a person?

i would say, well...

i love big brown eyes, soft hands and big lips.

i have a thing for dark hair and smooth skin with no

i think lip rings are the hottest thing ever.

i need someone who has thoughts in her mind and has some of
the same interests as me.

she would be love animals and not bitch about smoking or

she would be honest and caring and passionate.

she would be cute when she laughs, adorable when shes
grumpy and beautiful when she sleeps.

she could calm me down when im crazy and make me smile when
im sad.

a girl who would take care of me when i was sick and kiss
me even if it hurt her new lip piercing.

i would feel so safe with her that i could fall asleep
easier than i ever could before.

she would leave a glow around me when she left even though
i would miss her before she was gone.

and finally. she wouldnt be living with another girl.