2003-12-10 02:24:50 (UTC)

boyfriends suck

i broke up with my boyfriend a couple months ago and i
really like him still. i still talk to him alot but its
still not the same anymore. hes going out with a wickid
short girl named chelsea. she is really nice, but her
friends are really mean to some people. brooke is a jerk.
she would play for the boys soccer team and she would play
with older teams and other towns but she would never play
with the girls in beriln that were her age. she is rich.
she wont talkk to some people because they dont wear tight
clothes! she is gross. jessica used to be my friend until
noah came along. she is eeven richer than brooke. jess
can have anything she wants. she is really mean now too.
i really miss pj(my ex). he was the best EVER.
actually i only had 2 boyfriends but still. the other one
wwas just stupid.