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2003-12-10 00:15:21 (UTC)

The story about me and aaron

ok well as i said in my last entry i would tell the story
about me and here it goes...
well last year we went out for 5 monthes but he broke up
with me saying he wanted to be single...i would have been
fine with that and all but he was a complete asshole about
it...he called me every name in the book and really hurting
me..well i was crying alot and i told my mom about it,
cause shes like my bestfriend, and she got really
mad...shes like ur 13 u dont need a guy in ur life whos
gonna hurt u like that, and that i shouldnt give him
another chance if he asks for i decided she was
probably i decided to just be his friend...which
was hard cause i still liked him even though he hurt me so
bad...well a few monthes down the road he asked me out
again...i though about it and i decided everyone deserves a
second chance so i gave him one...well this time he decided
since he knew i wouldnt take him being an ass to me he
decided to make fun of my friends...which is another thing
that i just cant i broke up with him...which i
thought would piss him off..but it didnt he surprised me
and was like i deserve this. and then yet again a few weeks
later...he asks me out...this time i really had to think i
mean he had hurt me 2 times already..i wasnt sure if i
could trust i asked all my friends their opinon
and my mom..and they all said NO kaitlyn dont u dare say
yes..hes just an ass he wont ever change..well me being the
blockhead i am decided to give him a nother chance..and i
guess the 3rd time is the charm cause he realized that im
dont with his shit and he better be nice or im done for
good...well i skipped alot of details..but oh well all i
know now is im happy...iok thats long enough bye bye!

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