2003-12-09 23:12:34 (UTC)

instead of stressed, i lie here charmed.

cus theres nothing else to do..

today was a strange strange day. i didnt go to class but
caroline woke me up on her way to work and i said call me
if they wanted me to come in so she did. and it was
insane, a very stressful day. but ive been dealing with
stress pretty weirdly lately. i havent cried since i think
thanksgiving, that whole thing. but we went to lunch and
we worked together all day so it was kinda cool and kinda
shitty as far as the actual work. she was being weird, i
guess i smelled really good today and she was having a
problem. it was cute. and she kept grabbing me lol. and
she said she was getting something for her mom and me and
herself for christmas but not the bitch or anyone else. i
dont really believe her. but it was cute.

right now this girl from friendsters trying to get me to go
to placebo with her. "you should come!! and well get really
trashed. :)" im thinking about it cus i really
wanted to go. and its only $17. shes not the cutest girl
ive ever seen but she has a lip ring. and i guess caroline
went to work cus she didnt call. i dont know. it might be
fun. but i really have a lot to do.

claudias girlfriend invited me to some party saturday. i
dont think so. i highly doubt that will be on my agenda.

uggh.. i dont know. i feel like getting drunk and going to

dawn's coming yay! we're guna have fun.

hmmmmmmmmm. i cant decide. all thats on my mind is how
nice it is spending time with her and even though it was
the most stressful day ive had there yet, i was happy.