Walking for mary jane
2003-12-09 22:58:50 (UTC)


ok so i like to complain and yeah talk shit too, you may
see it as a bad thing but i don't really care what you
think . no offence. i'm at a point in life where my dad has
gotten married to a bitch thats always try to get at me. my
mom is currently dating b/c she just got divorced with her
2nd husband. and my boyfriend just got suspended for
breaking into the school but it allllllll gravey b/c i got
my sweet sweet weed. although my life has been shitty but i
find ways to cope.
today i almost got caught skipping school b/c my dad had to
pick me up from the school and i had not yet gotten back to
school but he just think that i was talking to my friends
which is true when running back i was talking to my friends
too. but man i miss my boyfriend and what sucks about it is
i haven't fucked him yet. i've been dating him for too
fucking long to have not had sex with him. but he comes
back to school mon. so i guess i'll have to fuck him in the
bathroom b/c his shitty rents (parents) and my best friend
has been a bitch lately and i don't know what is up her
ass. well i do believe that it would be a cig. break

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