life as a teenager
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2003-12-09 21:59:45 (UTC)

todya at school ....

so yah today was an OK day at school...same old
stuff...since imissed yesterday i had to do a lil more
homework than usual...so yah i am so hungry right now but i
am waiting for my mom to finish supper...whitney gave me a
ride home todya! omg u will never believe what happened
today in Math...lol..ok Mr. Schneider always gives us
handouts...but no one listens or even does them in class so
we were all just messin around...well Jr. takes out Niki's
cell phone and ends up callin my mom here at home...he was
talkin to her in class..it was soo funny lol! so me and ash
are sposed to make our diet plan todya!! we'll see if we
can follow through with it!LOL...i wonder if aaron had
basketball practice today! o well he should be callin me
soon anywyas...gosh i love him! well i am out..maybe i will
write back in here later tonight if anything good

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