Pieces of Me
2003-12-09 21:23:20 (UTC)

It's Just Me

Yep. I guess I'm goin' for this whole online journal thing
too. I mean, everyone else is doing it, right? LoL.

Knowing myself like I do, this will probably be the only
entry for awhile. Lately, I haven't been able to find the
time to get online and stay there for more than 30
seconds. Although I'm not sure that's a bad thing.... I
guess it's better than spending all my time on the
internet and not having any time for anything else. Not
that I have anything against people who do. After all,
virtual reality is much easier to deal with than... um...
real reality. LoL. Ooh, intelligent sentence right there,

Well anyway. If people are gonna be reading this, I guess
it wouldn't hurt to talk a little bit about myself. Not
that my life is all that interesting. Just don't blame me
if you read my entries and end up having severe boredom-
related injuries, because I gave you all a fair warning!
But here we go anyway.... I'm a 17 year old senior in high
school (finally!). I USED to work as a receptionist at a
Salonspa, but they "let me go", and I also used to work as
a babysitter for the Substance Abuse Council, but they ran
out of children... hehe. So I am currently jobless, but
the Substance Abuse Council starts back up in January, so
hopefully that will help me to build my bank account back
up after Christmas. If I have a bank account at all....

There really isn't much else worth saying about me that
anyone would actually care about, except for all the stuff
about me and my boyfriend. For some reason, people always
ask me about my relationship... I guess because it's so
uncommon for two people to stay together for so long or
something. I've been ﷯dating﷯ my boyfriend
for 3 years this Sunday (the 14th, hope he remembers).
He's a freshman at WMU... Statistics major (~gag~,
math)... hey, somemone's gotta do it, right? He proposed
in... September, if I remember correctly. It was basically
the most unromantic thing in the world, but the wedding is
the most important thing, right? LoL. And THAT won't be
for a few years yet....

But anyway.

Now that I've bored anyone who managed to make it through
this first entry, I'm going to go. Got Christmas shopping
to do and all that.
Sorry if anybody fell asleep.... =o)