Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-12-09 14:54:22 (UTC)

update?(what I want for christmas)

I am at home now...I should be at work. Shaunna's(my GF)
car won't start. And well I don't have a car. The band as
a whole is kinda "roughing" it. None of us have a home we
are all hanging with friends. We finally all have jobs. We
have no merch, no trailer, no van, and 1 show booked. But
I am trying my hardest to get everything straight again. I
spend every Friday off and work on music and the band. And
so far I have all the quotes I need for merch, I have us
getting pictures soon, revamping the website, and I got us
that 1 show. So things are looking up and right now
aren't so bad. But if you asked me what i wanted for
Christmas I would say a tour, Merch, a booking agent, a
record deal, and more fans like you reading this. Well,
it's off to do more band work and then some shopping. So
have a great Holiday season.
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