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2003-12-09 13:01:48 (UTC)

Period Pains, Too Much Sleep, And Simon

He's here.. Took him long enough, but he's here. Has been
since Sunday, but I couldn't seem to find the energy to
write about it, ya know?

Over-slept. Do it a lot when my body doesn't let me sleep
for days at a time. It's understandable.

Invasion of the body snatchers all over again, with
Lesley, only, she doesn't realise that I know, but I do.
First she's trying to be me by hurting herself, and
falling for random online people for the hell of it.. Then
she's listening to my music, and saying my words.. Now,
she too has a broken space bar, but unlike her, I know how
to correct my mistakes when they're made, so that I don't
look like an illiterate retard.. Not hinting that Lesley
does, cough cough, that comes naturally for her. Don't
message me and tell me I'm mean, she wants to be me, and
she scares me.. Fucking freak, with her elongated neck,
and her saggy tits and enormously wide shoulders.. She
should be put to sleep or something.

AIM blows, not going on, don't want to argue.. Saying
that, give me half an hour tops, I will be on there,
without a doubt.

Ah, it's sad living my life.

I need a smoke, and to write in my other diary about how
happy I am, and how birds are singing, and so on, and so

Oh yeah, one more thing..

If anyone knows a hitman, relatively cheap, for an
unemployed teenager who wants to kill her father, let me
know, yeah?