Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-09 09:29:30 (UTC)

Astrid is....

Hmm... I feel kind of awkward. A few hours ago, I got
this long email from Astrid. She came on at 10:30 for like
three seconds sent her email and then mysteriously left...
When I read her email, I found out why. She had been
crying... A LOT. (I can tell with my heart) Basically, she
told me she wasn't really as skinny as she led me to
believe. She told me people like her grandmother call her
fat and that she would be pretty if she were skinny.
Haha, Its strange, even though she never brought it up
before, I knew deep inside of me what she really looked
like. I'm well just a tiny tiny tiny wee bit disappointed
when she told the truth. BUT! .... I still love her.. only
now I love her even more!!! lol It takes a good soul and
heart to tell a truth like that. I'm proud of her, and I
love her the way she is. She said that shes trying to work
it off. haha and I'm working mine off too! I never was
really fat, but I have a pot belly I'm trying to turn into
a six pack.
I'm trying to be the guy of her dreams, and make her
happy. There was something bothering Erika today... but she
refused to tell me. But she said she'd tell me some other
time. I think I cheered her up a little! ^_^ So yeah, I
hope she'll be ok. I'm going to go for 200 sit ups today. I
curled 10 pounds 100 times with each arm earlier also. So I
guess I'm making a small progress here! :) Something else
also... I had two orgasms in a row tonight... lol Thats
never happened to me before! Oh well. Porn really screws
with peoples hormones sometimes! haha. Um... small chance
of me being addicted! Actually... I think I am but I'm too
afraid to admit it! Oh well, its not hurting anyone so
theres no problem with doing it so often I suppose.
GRRR! My time is running out for buying X-mas gifts!!
I have to get everything ready soon!! Rain is supposed to
come today. mmmm moisture! Yeah!! I'll be able to do some
more working out! ;) I feel like I'm finally getting my
life back together! I might even get back into martial arts
sinceI'm working again... I hate fighting so much, but so
long as I'm not in public anymore and I'm not hurting
anyone... what the hell you know?? :) Hey, I could go chop
some wood too. Wow so many ideas! lol Well, thats all for
tonight. I'll write again some time!