malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-12-09 07:12:51 (UTC)

summer came and she was happy

wrapped in a winter of self doubt, under the icy snow and
frosty rain she crumbled, only to look up, look up into the
eyes of a mid-summer's dream, golden and warm, like a soft
breeze, and she fell on her back, and lay crying...

all destinies are nameless- just like beauty

and if i could be anywhere right now, i'd be whereever i
could see that beautiful moon, maybe floating in a black
velvet ocean with stars shining about me like silver
teardrops glistening in the moonlight, enveloped in the soft
whisper of dreams... and nice notions and pleasant thoughts...

i'd lay on my back all the years of my life if i was
guaranteed to always see such beauty, in such a violent
world it is nice to stare up into a midnight sky and be able
to imagine how peaceful things are all those miles away on a
moon i'll never be able to reach, but i can always dream,
and they're such nice dreams....


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