you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-12-09 05:59:30 (UTC)

snowy daze

i got snowed in at andrew's house on friday (even though
we weren't really snowed in...). we watched movies and
chilled and went playing in the snow. i didn't go home
until sunday afternoon. it was so much fun. i love it when
it's just the two of us, b/c we get along well. suzie q
came over on saturday. it was fun w/ her to... but then
everything got fucked up. oh well- i've decided no more
stupid bullshit teenage mistakes. i'm mature and a lady
and i will act and be treated as such from now on! no more
of this hard ass teenage bullshit... i'm a girly girl. i
like pink and frills and tea parties (with an edgar allan
poe undertone, of couse...) and even though i don't really
think i made a mistake, the whole situation was incredibly
misconstrued and i hate it when friends fight- it leaves
such and uneasy tone on things. but i must admit, suzie q
claiming rape is really out of line. IT WASN'T RAPE, she
was thinking clear (enough) AND it was consensual,
therefore, not rape. i think she just really regrets it
and feels a little used, and maybe something else she
isn't telling me and is looking for an excuse to get upset
with andrew and i, but i think things are a little better
now. alex and i made up, anyways. it's sad, too. i miss
her. i haven't seen her in a few weeks and i was really
bummed we didn't mya and see eachother there, and then we
verbally attack eachother via andrew's speaker phone... oy.

-andrew asked to come chill here this weekend... i'm
looking forward to it. i love him, and we have such a fun
time together. plus this weekend is my 16th birthday!
maybe that is why i feel so lady-like. there is something
underlyingly girly and wonderful anytime 'sweet' is put in
front of something... sweet sixteen. YES.