Ma Monde
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2003-12-09 05:15:10 (UTC)


I officially hate my job. This is ridiculous, I
accomplished so much, while being side-tracked, on my
notebook tonight. I could have freak'n finished the stupid
thing. Instead, know what I did? I counted candles, and
sorted them by color! HAHAHA! Jesus! Point being....
Exactly, I didn't see one either. My job is pointless, it
wastes gas, they're rich and snobby, everything is
breakable and expensive, I don't get to do anything
interesting, I work my @$$ off and I don't get paid well
at all at only $5.25 an hour. Oh wait....I figured it up,
after taxes, I get about $4.60 an hour. Anyway, new
subject...I'm tired of always being the bad person. I'm
not cruel, really. I don't know what's wrong with me. It
just recently started this year. Well,
I'm almost happy that tomorrow is an A day. That means I
went through one more B day.... and it's closer to
...I'm tired of this joint-hip thing with
Dan all the time. Good God, I love the boy, but I want a
real relationship. Like...romantic. Haha. I'm not saying
that I don't enjoy his company. But I'm just annoyed at
the fact that I can't get a date because everyone thinks
I'm dating Dan. BAH! I think it's close to time that we
try to spend less time together. Because I don't want to
become too attached. I think I've already crossed the
line...I need to get back over. Know? God....this makes me
sound like I hate him...I seriously don't! I just want a
guy who can hug me and kiss me, who's not like my brother.
I understand that I'm in Arkansas....but hell no! haha. I
look forward to next weekend. Christmas party! I'll tell
you about it! REALLY FUN! :D Well, it's 11:00 and it's
getting late, and it's about time to end the day on a good
note by getting my thoughts out. I'll start to make a
profile or something so if're curious...then
you might as well know about me
if you want to hear my story. Plus this is my diary....I
want to look back and see what a loser I am/was. :D Well
Goodnight and see you once again in the near future.