The Pathetic Ramblings of Me
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2003-12-09 04:39:42 (UTC)

WTF my friend?

So today wasn't too bad until 5:00. At 5, i had to get
ready to go to work. It was at this point that I realized
that instead of cleaning my room, doing laundry, or
studying for exams, I had decided that sitting on my ass
all day would be a much better option.

So after I was done kicking myself for that, I had to go
to work. And not only did I have to go to work, but i had
to work with Deb and Dru and Amy. These have got to be my
3 least favorite characters in the huge drama that is
Hodgson's. Seriously, that place is one giant mess.

So anyways, I got done with that and finally got to come
home. I was finally feeling better about the whole
situation. I have exams tomorrow, but I wasnt too
stressed. But as is usually the case in my life,
something else went wrong. Jenny IM'ed me and i was happy
to talk to her. She always makes me smile. But she was
not in a very good mood and wouldnt tell me about it.

These kind of things always annoy me. Why tell me you are
upset if you wont tell me why? Girls are weird. Im
always led to believe that whatever is upsetting them is
because of me. Now I dont think ive done anything that
would make jenny upset, but i dont know... maybe i have.

I dunno... All I know is that this leads me to ask WTF my