2003-12-09 03:33:02 (UTC)

OK now that i got this working....

all set up and im pretty sure i know what the hell im
doing... so anywho, today was a great day, let me tell you,
i wake up late for school and my mom was being a 'b'
because it supposedly was my fault, yadda yadda yadda, i
pick up em and we have a blast on the way into school,
dancing and singing... our normal routine in the morning,
its a great way to wake you up... and im pissed bc my f'ing
subs weren't working, so i didn't have any bass to wake me
up, oh well. school was dumb, like usual, i have like 5
free periods and im beginning to think school is useless...
i go, sleep, talk to people, get homework that makes no
sense (ah hmmm mr. turner... --idiot) after school i have
to wait for em to make up a test and i have an interesting
convo w/ logan... that kid kills me! and he has soft hair,
lol, *puuuurrrrr* so anywho... after school i have physical
therapy for the good ol' knee and greg was there!! he got
me introuble because he decided to rat me out and tell the
poeple i dont do my stuff at home... thanx ya big jerk,
haha and then this girl was there and she started to talk
to me and i was like "shut up your dumb" she was just
rambling, kind of like what im doing, and what i do alot,
haha... after that i went xmas shopping, couldn't find a
thing for anyone so i bought a cd for myself, what the hell
who cares... adn then i come home to my "wonderful" family
where i proceed to get chewed out... i owe my parents $50
for my cell bill which is the biggest b.s. i have ever
heard in my life.. and then i owe $200 do the gov. because
of my speeding ticket... have you ever wondered where that
money goes? i am beginning to now... dumb cops.. and then i
have to fork out like $150 for driving school, whoa all
that on top of xmas... can life go any better?! yea wait it
can... not... i have a job, yet i never work besides the
weekends, yea, those $50 checks are reaaal helpful, yea,
they pay for my gas which takes me no where but work and
school because i cant afford to hang out! haha oh well, im
done complaining for the night... at least i have one thing
to look forward to this week and its going to the "festival
of lights" with kyle on friday! im so excited! emily told
me that its going to be "romantical" thats our newest
word... i think its permanetly replaced "for permantley"
lol, tim kills me... oh well... im out! ill update later!