My Gay Misadventures
2003-12-09 03:29:47 (UTC)

Ho Hum

80years later, im back. Not much has changed. I got a hair
cut. been through a few more guys, and still me. I got a
job at West(again) and golly-gee-wiz its sure ganna be fun
workin for that sweatshop again. I met this guy, Matias, on
(for record purposes) Nov 24th...I met him on a sex site no
less (men4sexnow.com)...heh. Yea, at first it was supposed
to be meaningless gay sex. But he turned out to be a
really..um.."interesting" guy. He's cute, shorter then me,
(a rare) and has a big pee pee. Its been 2 weeks i
guess...We've hung out almost every other day...talked
about a relationship, but i dont wish to rush things. He's
admited to being a hella slut, and so that would be an
interesting road bump. Im not really a jelous guy, so maybe
i wont have to kill too many tricks. Blah blah blah. Now im
just typing events...i needa get back in the habbit of
typing how i feel. its makes for better reading in the
future.....Oh, like, he's sorta goo--scratch that, GREAT at
sex. He's a top, but i sorta dont mind. he's the only guy
whoz been able to fuck me, fully, and it not hurt. Boy gotz
some mad skill. and damn, that lil fag makes me SO horny
all the time..like, i cant stop biteing or licking him at
least once. Something tells me, if i stick around, then
he's ganna get me into some kinky ass shit. A few days ago
he tied me up and whipped me :O!! That was kinna hot. but
yea, i might even be kinked into doin pootang. cuz he wants
to watch me go at it with another dude/chick. I also drank
beer with him for the first time. I dont drink beer, cuz it
be nasty, but after the 1st bottle, it sorta get numb. and
then i got all buzzy, and tipsy...it was fun. got a tummy
ache though (Mehican beer and gummy worms, a big no no)...
Im also supposed to start college next month...blah. im
becoming a grown up. and me no likey!...talk to ya later
you B&W Window

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