It's seems I am a believer
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2003-12-09 03:28:14 (UTC)


Date:2/8/03 10:28 p.m.
Mood: Eh...not bad
Music: None

Today was pretty dull. I was all alone because Nikki was
sick and not in school so English was boring, algabra was
hell, and lunch was quiet. The only good part was that I
could hug and kiss Ryan with out worrying about Nikki
feeling jealous, so I got more hugs :-D! I love Ryan's
hugs! I dunno why, I've always liked getting hugs but his
are better then anyone elses. Lunch, was probably the best
part of the day, as usual. Tommy was a little...well high
which was pretty entertaining. Sharice finally admitted me
and Ryan are not naughsiating(sp) but I did have to deal
with Kathrine telling me how cute we are, which was nice
but annoying. The only bad part was when all the guys
started speaking car talk and talking about their facial
hair. Well, and when Jay told Ryan to fuck me. That was
just screwed. I did find out that Ry isn't a virgin which
is kinda...yea. I don't mind that he is but I don't know
if he minds that I'm not. He regrets it though but I don't
know if he means that. I've only been with him for
like...10 days! It's weird though. Just after 2 class prd.
with out seeing him I start to miss him, I think about him
when I get home, and I don't mind when my rents want to
talk about him. I don't know what love is I'll addmit
that...but I don't know what this is either. Peace y'all.
Mad Love,

Final Thought: "Dance like no one's watching, Sing like no
one can hear, Love like you've never been hurt."