Just Another Day In Paradise
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2003-12-09 02:38:11 (UTC)

Not much longer...

Yes! There's not much time left in the first semester and
I'm extremely excited! I'm very ready for a break! People
drive me wrapped up in this "but I
love him/her"'s rather funny....but hey...they
choose to remain there. I miss Bre terribly...she's
hilarious! Britney and I have gotten closer...and Patrick
too...It's kind of scary...I'm not positive I miss the new
her...I miss the old her bunches...but she makes it much
easier for me acting the way she does. Maybe now she knows
what it feels like to have to take the step to fix
things.....funny how I always did and now that I
won''s over. The concert tonight was excellent! I
got to wear my little "USHER" was
great...except it was freezing! brrrr! Grandma cleaned my
room! eek....that makes me feel odd...but she was bored and
it gave her something to weekend is going to
be a busy one too...I can't wait to see him Thursday night!
and my Mommy and Daddy can come now...I'm excited! I love
Christmas!! I hope we can decorate this weekend...hmm maybe
it would be a good surprise if Sami and I cleaned the house
and decorated inside for Christmas while they were gone.
Hmm....good plan! Brrr it's getting so cold! I have to
practice a lot tomorrow and work on projects...District
Auditions are in January. much to look forward