Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-09 01:48:15 (UTC)


Astrid might be comming on inna few. And I'm waiting!
haha I feel like a dork. I stayed up till 8 am today and
then I woke up at 6 pm. My hours are... shifting again. I
did 100 sit-ups last night. My abs hurt so I guess its
working! :) I intend to do more tonight. I have to keep in
shape and be ready for her.... next year. I've never been
THIS close to a girl before and so I have to be careful.
Its like the slightest negative event that happens between
me and her might hurt one of us.
I'm sure we'll be ok though. So long as we've got each
other. Haha, she sent me an email an told me my voice was
so sexy. lol I love her voice. Its a real turn on. hehe I'm
so lucky. You know its funny how God makes things work out
in my life. I'm especially happy to have him in my heart.
He's always there to talk to, and he always listens too.
Sometimes prayers aren't answered. But I guess its because
he is the one who decides everyones destiny. He knows what
people deserve and don't. He knows how you will end up with
a given prayer answered. Sometimes I can't help but to ask
to be rich. But I don't think he'll give me that so easily.
I know I would use the money for myself instead of the
people who need it more than me.
I might not get to be extremly wealthy. But I'm
blessed with love with the girl of my dreams. So long as I
have that in my life... I'll be happy! :) I'd rather just
earn money by helping other people. Something that I enjoy
doing too ya know? Its just I don't know. I like making
people happy. And I want to be remembered too in doing so!I
want my future generations to never forget the name and
bloodline of Charles. The very one who changed his family's
past and rewrote it. The boy who overcame his dark past and
eventually found the girl of his dreams. Haha not too
shabby huh? I hope my... future son will be proud of his
name, and end up even better than the last. I have a lot to
pass on I suppose. Well, I'm off. I have some things to do!