life as a teenager
2003-12-09 00:18:35 (UTC)

once again i write in this

Monday, Dec 8, 2003--7:13 p.m

alright so i decided to write in this since i am bored and
boring things have happened since earlier today...1st of
all the songs i was d/l kept messing up! ugh i hate
kazaa...we put up Our *ChRiStMaS* tree today..it just got
finished...yay..lol...o yah aaron called me...he was sick
and when he called he told me he didnt sound too good! he
is the best right now lol ...i just love him hehe! s yah
supper is almost done! my Uncle bob is sposed to get on at
7:30 so i can talk to him about my dad and such! o yah omg
my mom b/f wont stop complaing about his chest or back or
sumthin ay dios mio! well i am hungry so i am gunna go and
eat supper...which reminds me i cant wait till christmas
eve supper~ which reminds me i still need money for
christman presents!! im out..