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2003-12-09 00:17:20 (UTC)

Happy Endings?

In this life, or at least the ones lived by me and the
mirror, happy endings are few and far between. Very few
things have led me to believe in hope for happy endings, and
even fewer things have given me proof of such ends. Some have
said things that question my thoughts on happy endings. I
just smile and tell them of the few things that truely bring
joy to my life. Many don't understand the heart of a
hopeless-romantic such as myself, and fewer still even want
to try. To raise false hopes for endings that could make you
happy is unspoken of in my heart and mind. I will not deny
the fact that they exsist however. I have been blessed to
know the meaning of love from friends, and to know that if
it were to end I'd have only good times to think of and that
is amazing.

...I still miss you...
"This song has been brought to you by a falling bomb."

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