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2003-12-09 00:00:21 (UTC)

Am I a falling bomb?

Today fell hard on my heart. Stuck in the chambers of my
mind I was interrupted by what I have come to refer to as
hate it self. A teacher that places false accusations and
little hope in my abilities to conquer and overcome
challenges. She has slowly been building up in the back of
mind as one of the filths that the Earth can, and has,
produced. We can't always see eye to eye with the wreches of
this world, and are not expected too, but to insist
constantly that I have lied and cheated her is as far from
the truth as one's own thoughts can be.

Living with my mistakes and sins has become slightly easier.
The recent tragidy of my heart's exsistance is slowly
beginning to reconize me agian, however, it's not where I've
dreamt it to be. Distance is merely a small obstical I'm
willing to overcome, but I can't do it alone. I wish for
there to be some way 'love' would let me know that I'm
either doing this alone or she'll meet me half down my long
and lonesome road. I'll wait, wondering, knowing nothing
will happen.

...I still miss you...
"she's gonna find out how much it hurts to die"

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