the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-08 20:48:11 (UTC)

snow day

yes snow day today thank god cuz i didnt finish my english
paper. so yeah i gotta finish that. so last night was
sam's party it was fun. it also made me feel as guilty as
hell for a certain reason actually a ceratin*someone* but
yeah thats the way it goes. before i go to boston though
itll happen before i go to boston. yeah im going to boston
on thurs. for Model UN its gonna be hella fun! i know you
all will miss me. today david came over random visit. but
im happy he he did *smiles* blah i cant see straight cuz of
him. we just hung out and talked. and other stuff blah
but i cant be with him ill end up killing myself i know
it. blah i have to tell him that. but why hes so
*perfect* and hey the dangerous guys are the fun ones
right. blah i need to shutup. im taking my pitiful self
and leaving now [D][M][T]

heres the situation
dd: im in like with you but in love with him
dm:*come and take my breath away i dare you to*

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