life as a teenager
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2003-12-08 20:34:41 (UTC)

stayed home from school

12-08-03--3:22 p.m.

so i stayed home from school today because my mom had some
appt thingy so she wanted me to stay home to watch my lil
sis...the thing is her appt got cancelled..so all day i
have been on the computer downloading music...alright so on
friday when i went to the basketball game and we messed up
our rivalries in basketball-(archbold) aaron kept complaing
about his throat so then on saturday he called me early in
the day and was saying that he didnt feel good and that he
wasnt goin to go to the basketball game that night...i
wasnt gonna go(aaron is from Archbold, and he wanted me to
go to the game in archbold with him) so anywyas i was like
OK ...so while we were talkin he kept coughing and having
the sniffles...so i was like he does sound sick...well then
when we were on the phone together the door bell rang and
it ended up being joseph..so aaron told me hey joseph is
here i have to go i will call u back later! well that night
he never called back i checked the caller ID...so hten on
Sunday i didnt talk to him either-- maybe he is sick or
maybe he didnt wanna call..and i want him to call me i
never call over his house..i mean i dont wanna sound like i
am obsessed or anything...o well we will see where this
goes..so yah miranda and i havent actually talked in a
couple days all we have been doing is arguing...then we sat
down and talked todya --that was good..now she is playin a
video game...geez..so yah i am makin a CD right now but
Kazaa really sucks..ugh!!omg i got my interim reports today
i am getting:
Science/Biology- C-
Gym- B
Math II - B
History - D -
Spanish I - A (99% BABY YA)
english 10 prep- B
i guess my midterms arent that bad i guess i guess being a
sophomore just sucks lol..middle school was so much
easier..so yah i talked to brandon todya i find out he is
moving to Nap-town! i dont want him to move..he is like one
of the best guy friends ever..where would i be with out
him...there will be no guy for me to have fun with beating
up and lauging and camping together..and spending the night
at chelseas with..i hope i do see him often...goodness i
need a job foreal..i need to buy christmas presents :(
i duno but i better get goin ..i will pry type in this

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