The Pathetic Ramblings of Me
2003-12-08 19:37:13 (UTC)

My First pathetic Rambling

I Feel: unmotivated

So after Reading all of your journals, I have decided that
I should create one of my own. This is my attempt. I am
hoping to get a Live journal, but this will have to do
until Danny gets back to me. Without Further ado, here is
my first entry...

So I am extremely bored. I didnt wake up til 1 and i have
absolutely no reason to get up or get ready. I have to
work at 6, but that just means I can sit around til 5:15
or so.

Right now I am watching The Breakfast Club, IT always
makes me laugh. I have exams this week and I dont really
look forward to them. They aren't really worth stressing
about. My grade will be acceptable in all of my classes
as long as i get decent grades on them, but its just an
annoyance, you know? Exams, school, class, etc. It's all
a big waste of time.

Anyone that would like to help me with ideas on what to
get my sister, mom, dad, pretty much everybody for
Christmas, Please feel free to leave me ideas. The only
gift I have purchased so far is for Jen. I hope she likes
it, i thought it was neat and everyone that ive talked to
says she could definitely use one. I dont know when I can
pick it up though. It may not be until Christmas Eve.
Good thing it was an order I could make via telephone. I
also thought the salesperson at the store was very helpful
even though they knew i wasnt buying the item there.

Well, I guess thats all I have to say at the moment. I
hope everyone has a nice day.