Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2003-12-08 09:21:24 (UTC)

No one is on...

Man its so lonely when there is no one on my buddy
list... I talked to Astrid today on the phone. Ah... I
couldn't think of a thing to say!! v_v I tried to get into
a good conversation and I guess it went ok... I hate phones
it would be so much easier to talk in person! Danggit, why
can't I think of something good to say to her on the
phone?!! I feel like such a loser now...
She said she hasn't played the game I sent her yet.
Her sister is addicted to it though. Crap now I feel even
worse... Maybe, shes not into games as much as I thought
she was. I must send her something breath-taking for
Chirstmas!!! ....But what would be good for her?? Man, I'm
just a clueless boyfriend! I'm not very good at this kind
of thing. I'm trying with all of my heart to impress her. I
want to be the perfect guy for her... Why? Because I'm
obsessed. I hate it when she isn't around to talk to, or
make me laugh when I'm sad. Yeah... wait a minute. I might
just be onto something. Everyone likes to laugh and be
happy... I wonder what would make her laugh?
Usually I tell her a good joke or story about
something I did one time that was funny. Or... maybe I
should get her something romantic? Hmmm... man, I just
better come up with something before Chirstmas Eve rolls
around or I just might have to hang myself!! lol Not
literally but still! We've been together for... months!!
This is a VERY important thing. Maybe... a rose, a picture
of me so I can be close to her heart, and maybe... a
necklace or something like that. :) Also I can write a very
very good letter to her as well. Hey thats not too shabby!
^_^ I mean, if I was chick I think I'd like something like
Wow, I've got a lot of work to do! I don't have any of
those ready yet!!! I better get off my ass and get started
on that tommorow. heheh Shit! I was just thinking... What
if I go to the post office with it already wrapped perfect
and they have to mess it up to make sure its safe?!! :o
AHH! I'll kick their... ::sighs:: oh man... I'm so screwed.
But I'm not giving up!!! She must know how I feel about her
no matter what. haha Even if I have to swim across the
pacific to do so! I've like written about her in every one
of my entries here. Maybe I'm being a little too romantic
with her. Ah well, I tend to switch back and forth to my
wild and calm personalities. I had no idea she had her
learners permit... ALL THIS TIME!! I never asked! I'm
applying for mine this January. lol Well better go, can't
just stay here all night. Later

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