Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-12-08 07:39:17 (UTC)

"Signs" of Change

Well I have a feeling that entry will have a very
different tone from the previosu two. That is more than
likely because I am in a freakishly good mood. Of course,
this mood has been constant since Friday. So let the
festivities commence:

Friday, of course, brought the end of the school week and
the start of a much needed weekend. I had finals in both
British History and Italian. Of course, I did well enough
on the finals to earn a well-deserved A in each class. So
2 down, 3 to go.

Friday night was a lot of fun. I went to go see Theresa,
the girl who randomly IMed me a couple weeks ago and
decided to introduce herself to me when I was "working" at
the Library on Tuesday night, at Rollins. I got there
around 8 or 8:30. We watched Scary Movie 2 and American
Pie 2 while exchanging back rubs and small talk. After
that we watched a little bit of TV and decided to get a
bite to eat at Steak N Shake. We enjoyed each other's
company and decided to call it a night. I got home around

So on Saturday my day started around 11:30. I got up,
took a shower, made lunch to eat at the Library since I
was working extended hours (1-8), and headed off. I was
there until 8 as it was a somewhat busy Saturday. But
nothing spectacular or overwhelming, just a lot of people
studying. So after that, I got some dinner and headed
back to my place.

Then came Saturday night.....

Theresa comes over around 10. She invited her friend
Christina to come over as well, and I wouldn't have
minded, but Christina declined with the infamous "It's
Theresa and Chris time" excuse. So when she gets here, we
decide to watch the South Park movie. During the movie,
we make some small talk and what not. Then we watch SNL
with Al Sharpton and we slowly but surely start start to
cuddle and get closer together. After that, I turned on
Signs and well, it played while we snuggled, spooned, back
rubbed, and talked to each other. After the movie
finished, the title screened played for an hour while we
played with each other's hair, continued to snuggle and
hold hands, and just lay in each other's arms. It was a
truly special moment.

So after we decided to turn on Signs, we layed on the
couch and watched music videos for a while. Before we
knew it, it was 5:30 in the morning! So I just told her
that she should just spend the night and, of course, she
agreed. So we got into bed and tried to sleep for a
couple hours. Around 7:30 we decided that this wasn't
gonna work. So we just laid in my bed and simply talked
and thought about the night before and held each other.
Around 8, I decided to go make up breakfast. So I get the
TV remote and pillow so that she can watch the TV in my
bedroom. I go to tell her to just be comfortable. Then
there was a silence. I sat down on the bed as we looked
at each other and I just went for it. I wasn't nervous ir
anything. And for the first time in my life, the girl
didn't reject me or stop. I was only bed, and after 20
years, 11 months, and half a day, I was getting my first
kiss. It was a wonderful and magical experience. The
world just stopped for those precious few moments.

After that, I went into the kitchen to make breakfast for
us. She comes out a few minutes later and sits at the
computer chair (aka the one I'm in right now). We're just
talking and enjoying each other's company and knowing that
we could have started something special. During the rest
of the morning, we cuddled and kissed a few times and just
let the moment sink in. It was one of those memories that
I'll never forget.

Theresa left around 9:30. The rest of the day saw many
good things happen and me in an extremely good mood. It
was definitely the greatest day I've had in a very, very
LONG time. The wait was worth the reward.

I believe it's fairly safe to say that Theresa will have
an increasing role in my life. We're going to see how
things go and make decisions on any potential relationship
as time progresses and we become closer. Things could get
real interesting over the next few weeks and months.
Things are really looking up right now......

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