taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-12-08 07:27:58 (UTC)

Hello my name is Derrick, the Non-Factor.

It sure is a humbling expirience when you are told that, by
the girl you are in love with and with whom you though the
opposite was true, that you are but an after thought in her
decision to be intimate with another. That the boyfriend of
the dudette she is being intimate with is more weighted in
her "sex, yay or nay" decision-making process. I am well
aware of the anomalies of this relationship, but that is
not fucking rad at all. This is fucking insane. Like what
is that?

Oh, and FYI, if Kenneth of windsor, presently dating Emily
(the bleeping bleep) of windsor, reads this or if anyone
who reads this knows said Kenneth, please be seated for the
following. You(or friend or aquaintance) are being had my
friend. Thrown for a loop. YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS CHEATING ON

you cut me deep Veronica.