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2003-12-08 04:52:10 (UTC)

The dreams that live in a mind such as mine

So the weekend as come to an end, begining written down as
another chapter in the book of my life. The final day was a,
for a lack of better words, "disappointment". The nightdrawn
roads led me to a friends house were the "church" (of whom
some I think are so hypricritical it's disgusting) had there
"little get together". So much dispare and sorrow filled,
in a since, a small room. The only way to enjoy myself was
to get lost in friends that I was lucky enough to have
stregtically placed just right amongst the liars and lushes.
As I was stranded alone in the middle of my own
disaster-filled prison of ex-friends and emotion killers, I
found refuge in two particular people. One a foreign
student, someone I've come to enjoy the company with, and
the second a young lady from my so called "church". I think
the Lord has blessed me with her to show me that the
"church" maybe wrong but the individual is not. Between
those two, my night was saved and I have slowly begun to
realize that LOVE can come from many directions to attack
your heart. Now the darkness is slowly creeping up on me
sending me off in the envelopes of my blankets and covers to
sleep. Maybe tonight the dreams that live in a mind such as
mine won't haunt me.

Good Night.

...I Still Miss You...