2003-12-08 01:45:55 (UTC)

Fall Leaves of New England

Gradually, the breath of fall began whispering. Those who
listened turned orange, red and yellow. The more stubborn
and hard of hearing would wait.
I descended from the mountain side overlooking Providence,
until I was well within the bowels of New York, Manhattan,
rattling along with a whush, only to emerge upon
Always onto busy streets which seemed to loom eminintly.
Grand Central, a marble museum near the Whitney, bustles
with worker bees and travelers spinning the revolving
doors like so much dharma. You can get your shoes shined
right there. Or walk up to Times Square. Get back on and
you can go to China Town, Little Italy, SOHO, the
Guggenheim, The Angelica, Chelsea, Alphabet City.
Get drunk and get laid at XL. Redemption is to be found
at Avalon.
There is an empty strip of land with a green fence around
it in the financial district, on the water-front facing
Hoboken. You cannot see in, but I had the distinct
feeling of a graveyard even before I realized what it was
as I was driving past, one day.
Babette loves Central Park. We hang out behind Trumps
little Monet garden in the oblong sitting area. Many
people take their pooches to play and everyone is sooooo
polite and friendly. Lots of single women, btw.

I look forward to being able to go there every day. I am
in Florida now. I think, therefore I'm single. Sometimes
the circular path is more direct.

The lady at the Motel is preparing to hand me the keys to
my room...