life as a teenager
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2003-12-08 01:00:03 (UTC)

1st entry

1st entry--December 07--2003--7:33 p.m.

Dear diary,
This is my first time ever using an online diary...i
figured it would be alot easier and i feel more secure..i
mean with my sisters always getting into my things and all
that...so anyways...we will just see how this
goes ..anywyas for right now i would like to type
everything that is goin on right now,alright my mom needs
to get off my case about all these things ..i mean i am Me
and i am 15 she cant just try to change me now..she says i
am snotty and everything...i dont kno how iam being snotty
but w/e cant she just be proud? i dunno i mean UGH! she
always says i yell at my sisters but HELLO they need to
leave me alone i am growing up and changes are taking
places in me she just doesnt understand me...I kno i am
selfish about things but i cant change it..i want my own
room...i want my own privacy..i wish she just wasnt so
nosey if i tell her she is she would go PSYCHO on
me..foreal..i guess your the only thing that i can talk to
about all this stuff...so yah todya is a dumb sunday and
its really borrring i havent even takin a shower yet--i
wish aaron would call me soon ...i wonder so much about him
i mean does he like me? does he really love me? today is 1
month and 3 weeks...i think thats a good thing...he is so
awesome and so sweet..i am just glad i am with him..and i
thank god for him! i ALWaYS wonder about how long we will
last..i guess i just have to be *rEaL* with myself! so yah
i cant wait until christmas --18 more days yay yuh! i pry
wont get anyting that i want or anythign *good* surprise
surprise...u kno when i am older i will make sure taht my
kids christmas is waht they want and what they
deserve..what i get is nothing i never get the good old
fashioned thing ...another reason y my life sucks...i guess
the best thing in my teenage life right now are my
friends..and aaron! my family treats me awful as if i am
the meanest person ever-- i kno i get mad alot at my family
but htey just dont understand me not like alot of my
friends parents treat them..i mean i want a mom who
understands my mom kinda jsut laughs or yells at what i
think on things...am i entitled to my own opinion? pry not
in this house..which is another reason y i cant wait to be
18 and move out of this hell whole! Seriously--so now
another thing is i would love to talk about my "friends"
alright first of all chelsea- she is awesome and being
friends for 9 years is the best thing ever she is the
bestest..i mean yah there are times where we pry do bug
eachother but hey we alwayas know that were there for
eachother..i love her and i kno she loves me...i cant wait
to get our apartment together when we are 18!!! NEXT there
is Ash torres--ok we say were Really good friedns but i kno
deep down inside were not good friends ...i mean it bugs me
so much when she is always talkin bad about ppl and some of
them are my good friends...ash and i have seperate group of
frendz and none of them are right together everyone talks
bad about them...and then the whole thing with tony smith
and her and jordan and matt or the so called "boys" are all
stupid...ash just uses tony..poor boy...y dont she just
admit it..i mean shes a *FrEaK* Seriously! and then the
whold punk thing i kno i shouldnt judge her but she gets so
stupid about these things... now there is
kassie,jess,mandi,michelle,and everyone else but i dont
feel like talkin about them right now...so i will continue
that later...i guess the best things in my life are Chelsea
and Aaron...my sweeties...
p.s. lemme just say Jaired ziviski is dumb he bugs...also
Corey purtell--HAHAH what can i say is Van Hoover what a
freako psycho sicko...o PAYBACK IS AWESOME!!! adn i am
gettin FAT i need to get on a diet and i hate my
hair ..UGH..