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2003-12-07 23:16:56 (UTC)


So this weekend I can safely say has found a spot in the
heart under "not bad". The wind is cutting the light away
from my final day of freedom before I'm forced back into the
education system. School...the prisons of our lives. They
have the power to make or break a day. Stuck inside for 7
hours with people whom you can hardly stand and with some
you love. It's all to short though...

I've been sitting inside all day looking out my window
wondering what happend to my green leaves that used to light
my room with morning dew and sunlight in those early hours?
With the coming of a southern winter they are still there
just not in full force like usual. To tell the truth I don't
really miss them because not far from now they will be
completely replaced with something that everyone loves...snow.

Yesturday was my day of art and performances. Lies lined the
hours like a tracing children would color. Two of my best
friends, one of which could be a sister to me, were in a
play were there characters led lives unknown to such a world
as ours. A play filled with spirits, greed, sorrow,
happiness, and a hatefull old man by the name of Scrooge.
They both did an exceptional job at faking a life.
After the play I left for a downtown adventure. The lights
lined the streets as lushes, merriers, and average city
dwellers were out in full force. Some were Christmas
shopping, had dates,going to parties, or just trying to
forget about lonliness that has found a place in their
hearts. I had other motives. Armed with delicate words and
clever lines in a book and my guitar, I went to a club and
performed for whoever would listen. All in all...the night
and day were well worth it.

...I still miss you...
"You were the best thing to happen to this boy"

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