Self harming dyke
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2003-12-07 20:39:15 (UTC)

Ouch *OuCH*


Ice and salt cause chemical burns.

My left palm is blistered and sooooooooo sore!

Oh well... I am doing OK at the mo, so not much to say, but
wanted to say *wave* thanks Stacey for the feedback. I'm
copying you at the end of this, with lyrics in my head at
the mo.

Cat x

"Lady of the eyes, your eyes are just melting me. So
strong, smoulder into my mind and I'll do everything I did.
Lady of my eye, your light's just too bright for me. So
blind me, control me, don't find me until I say..."

Alex Parks, *BeaUTIfuL*... love her... love her voice, love
her songs... does this song mean she is gay? I do hope so!


PS I don't think I ever said, but I am totally in lust with
my new GP. Dr Thompson. What the fuck is wrong with me...?
Any female GP or tutor and I'm in love! Now I have
Christine (tutor) and Dominique (GP)

Pathetic, aren't I?