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2003-12-07 19:05:56 (UTC)


A friend showed me this site just recently, I forgot what
it was, so I searched around a bit till I got it. I've
never really kept much of journal or anything like that.
Just recently I've been writing all the time. Pretty much
all the time I'm thinking of something I'd like to write.
Maybe this'll give me somewhere to put it all. Anyway, I'll
add more later. Today I am working all day. Right now, I'm
having a rough time staying awake, cause I decided to stay
out till like 2 this morning, knowing I would have to be at
work at 6:30. Slept a grand total of 3 hours. What's even
better, the last 4 days have all been like that. In 4 days,
I'm not kidding I haven't slept NO MORE then 11 hours. I'm
on the verge. I want to go out or something again tonight,
but I'm fairly certain when I walk in the door after work,
I'll crash pretty quick. Out like a light. We'll see. It is
Sunday, and I'm guessing there won't be a whole lot going
on out in the world. Oh, Lauren, if you ever end up reading
this, thanks for showin me the site.

~*~ ~*~