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2003-12-07 07:40:04 (UTC)

DC, Alex, And Insomnia

I've been waiting for a confirmation e-mail from these
people for the best part of 6 hours, so forgive me if I
come across a little retarded.

This little diary, is my way of getting away from my known
world, and giving myself a place to express what I'm
really feeling, away from prying eyes.

I desperately wanted to write earlier, but because this
took so long to set up, I've lost interest in using my
brain for anything more than body movement.

I really wish I could sleep.


Alex is (I'm assuming here) a girl, whom I've been
speaking to on DC.. She's American, since she was 3 at
least, and she's studying Japanese, and finishing her last
year in 'high school'. Personality wise, she's pretty much
my perfect person, bless her. A little mentally unstable,
with a cracking sense of humour, and incredible wit.

During the course of the past 7 or so hours, I've managed
to go through enough emotion to last a house of orphan's a
year. I don't like it.

I wanted to speak to J.. He always had a way of helping me
free my mind, which I really could have done with at the
time, plus, I miss the little stoner. I'll get to him

Steven called. That was extremely uncomfortable. I was
trying to convince him into telling me he missed me, but
was sadly unsucessful. I know for a fact that he does, and
he's oblivious to that fact. I just wanted a little
closure, I guess, although at present, I'm not sure why I
need it.

Simon should be up by now, getting ready to throw himself
on a coach, but chances are, he's still snoring away.

I'm really exhausted. I hate it when I can't sleep, mainly
because I look like shit after an all-nighter. Nah,
seriously.. It just makes the day drag, and then I get
even more frustrated, which isn't good, trust me.

Dave's going on about Hayley, and Alex's playing Doom, so
I might just slip out quietly, see if I can't get a few
hours in before he gets here.