Life....Seemed easy at first
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2003-12-07 07:08:19 (UTC)

Life....Seemed easy at first.

Hello, Im Henry Romero. Im 16 years old. For the rest of my
time here you are going to read the story of my life. For
those who care enjoy, For those who dont. Dont worrie about
it, I dont care if you do or dont. Well here it goes. First
i would like to tell you alittel bit about my self. Once
again my name is Henry, Im a 16 year old who lives in
Titusville, Florida. I do have a girl friend, Shes part of
the reason why my life is not easy. You can call it love. I
did but its more then that. Hell sounds about right. Not
the bad hell with fire and the pain of burn. More like the
type of hell you dont want to deal with, but in the back of
your mind the littel voice inside smiles. Ive wanted to
kill my self for some time now. Im so busy i cant find the
time to do so. First off you have to plan how you want to
do it, that alone takes some task out of my day. maybe i
could just shoot a gun in to the top of my head. that would
be messie. supose i lived...that would hurt....Fuck that.
then you would have to write the living a note as too why
you killed your self. My be i should start it off like
so..."Hey! Guess what just happend"? Anyhow. enought of
that. Well my home life blows ass as well. Mom and dad are
not together. They play this littel games as if who can
hold on to me the longerst. They have kicked me out of the
house more times a hooker has been kicked out of church.
Dont ask me why they kick me out, but if i ever find out i
will make sure to tell you. The only thing that is worth
keeping in this world is my friends. (the very few I have)
theres jessie. Sweet, Pretty, and funny. This girl will
make your day anyday. Even if you just found out you had
aids. (Man would that suck ass.) Then theres Mike A.k.A
Crazy Mike... Mike likes to be known as this Crazy Funny
type guy. Hes doing a good job, becaues every one knows him
as crazy mike. Dj-Face. Mikes brother. Big Pot Head. And
hes a Dj (As you can tell) pretty cool guy. Just an ass
whole at times. Darrell, Hes my step brother. this kid
could use some help in his life. All he does is sit home
and smokes. If ya can smoke he will, anything and
everything this kid will smoke you out. Jackie, I love this
girl to death. I would die for her. She means the world to
me. I never thought about getting with er becaues shes
always seem to like some other guy when i comes time for me
to ask her if she wanted to start something. Now here comes
the part in my life where i get fucked...and i mean Fucked.
Jo Her and i have dated for about 4 months. but we have
know eachother for alot longer then that. Well we broke up
about 2 months ago. Very bad brake up. almost cost me my
life. i dont want to get in to it. Maybe later i will if
you readers out there would send me a message asking. No
the girl who is giving me the hell which i loves so much
would be Chissy. her and i have been dating On and off for
about 5 months. and its getting to the poiont where im in
love with her. Lol, your thinking why if shes hell. The
only thing that is makeing her hell is the fact that I will
do any thing for her and im in love with her....But she
cheated on me with this other guy that I have hated seens
the first day i met him. but i cant really blame her
becaues she was drunk. but i want to blame her but once
again love steps into the fight and fucks every thing up
for me...

Now let me tell you about my day


Well in the morning we woke up about 8:30, We need to get
to orland so we could pick up a check from my ants houes.
She just bought a new house and she loves it to death. to
the point where its making my father and i sick of her
talking about it. but after that we went to my mothers
house to pick up another check. when i walked in to the
house i felt like i walked into a crack house, shit was
allover the floor my brothers where running around like
they were fucking crazy. my mother laying in bed becaues
she was sick. well when i went in to the room to ask her to
write the check out to me she was begging that i move in
with her this chrismas brake from school. I dont know what
to do becaues i dont want to deal with my brother. and i
dont want to deal with a house like that. but if i do move
in i will be alot closer to chissy which would make me alot
happyer in my life. Hey i got to go, More about me tomarrow
if yo care.