My Big Dreams
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2003-12-07 04:45:17 (UTC)

Goin' down

holas. yah so just got back from our school's guy beauty
pageant. fun stuff. the guys did a dance at the begining &
kept forgetting it & improbing. i almost pissed my pants i
was laughing so hard. 4 of my friends were in it, i
couldn't really decide on who to root for. that is til i
saw Scott's. it was so cool. he played his guitar & sang
I'll Be like E.J. Day sings on the American Idol CD. it
was sooooooooo good. he walked around the audience & sang
to different people, girls & a few guys. it made me feel
all 'aww' inside... & laugh hyserically. Brendan's was
awesome, a trippy drum solo with flashing lights. and he
has a bright red mohawk! hehe it used to be blonde & i
told him in his tux he looked like Tony Lavato meets James
Bond... he said that meant a lot to him.
Howard's piano solo was good too, & Pat's song. but
Scott's took the cake. his guitar... mike, i guess, kept
falling off so he ended up holding it by the cord, which
then came unplugged. his face got beet red & he was
laughing. then he sang the last chorus repeat accapella.
*sigh*. congrats Howard!
yah then afterwards i gave them all hugs & talked to my
friend about how stupid our idiotic friends are when they
do acid. i really really REALLY want to slap them
sometimes. they go to take their STATE ID PHOTO on a trip.
watched the Simple Plan DVD with my friend. fun times.
lmao twice. figured out the guys are alot like our
friends: immature, easily amused, perverted as shit, & the
best to have around when you're bored. what is it with
their fixation with water? or saying where they
are? "we're in tokyo, japan! yah tokyo! japan! tokyo
japan! we're in japan, in tokyo! we're in tokyo & having
the time of our lives!" .. "jamaica! yah we're in jamaica!
jamaica jamaica jamaica! i dont know if you know where we
are, but we're in jamaica!" and how many times does Jeff
jack off? seriously?! lol.
i loved when they were in Australia... SP likes to go
down... under that is. 'look look its a kangaroo! that is
awesome! i'm feeding a kangaroo, cant yah tell?' ah
pierre. & pretty david with his kangaroo impression... &
lack of coordination. awww & seb & the kowala! awww. "this
is fucking New Zealand fuckers... its so pretty."
"Look at my elephant. i bought a picture of an elephant.
yesterday we saw an elephant. elephants. its all about
SP has to be my all time favorite bunch of Canadians,
mainly cause i only know two others, one of which i hate.
so yah they win til further notice.

yah so since I'm done rambling, I'm gonna go finish the
lyrics to my new post-suicide song & maybe start another
one. toodles my deah poppets. x3

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