the excitingness of my life
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2003-12-07 01:51:52 (UTC)


it snowed today! snow is kool. i like snow. except this
snowstorm had really bad timing? this could fucking happen
like tommorrow so we could miss school? seriously. i mean
what good is snow if we dont miss school? that pisses me
off. but snow is pretty. enough for snow. i did nothin
today. today is my friend sam's 16th B-day. HAPPY B-DAY
SAMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like shit. i need to do
somethin but i cant find the guts to do it. really fucking
sux. either way though it hurts him. anywayz um, actually
screw that im so bored

when i first met u i liked u alot, we had so much in common
it was almost surreal. but now im finding i just like you
as a friend i have to tell you but *how* hurting you is the
last thing i want to do. what if i mean something to do
you? what if you cant live without me? what if you hurt
yourself cuz of me? i cant have a repeat of last time. id
rather just stay with *you* maybe things will work out
themselves. i dont know how to explain this its so
complicated. how do u say to someone thats been so great
and has never hurt you that you just like him as a friend?
how do u break a haert like that? its not *easy* to do. so
dont push me......

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