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2003-12-07 01:14:39 (UTC)

Sex Kool-Aid

Today I worked the day shift at the pizza place. It was
less stressful than at night when everyone is running
around like serving people pizza is somehow important. Evan
my spastic, anal, prematuly balding manager, Brian, was in
a good mood.
you know, I used to get realy pissed off when adults would
pat my head and say "Sweetheart, it's hard to be a
teenager. Your harmones are raging and you just don't know
what you want."....Damn, just thinking of that I changed my
mind, I still get realy pissed. But they are sortof right
if you think about it. Like,I find it very difficult to
deal with the fact that I will never be able to have sex
with Johnny Depp and that if I don't die a virgin, I'll nd
up marrying some semisexy guy who I think I love but has
this way of talking/eating/exsisting that pisses the crap
out of me for the next 45 years.
I wonder if there is anything about me that would become
unbearable after several years.