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2003-12-07 00:37:56 (UTC)


I'm talking on my cell to a friend who I've know since
babyhood and she is buggin the crap out of me. She's one of
my two best friends in the world but right now she really
is just annoying. She friken argues with everything I say.
Right now if you ask me what I thought of her I'd say she's
a bitch. Now maybe it just because we're so close that she
bugs me like this or maybe I'm just holding onto something
that not really a friendship. The only thing that keeps us
friends is that she lives an hour away from me. If we lived
in the same city and went to the same school I honestly
would .... we just wouldn't be friends. But if I was to
tell her the crap she does is wrong to do to your supposed
best friend then she would turn it on me and make me look
the mean one like she usually does. My other best friend
(I'm closer to her)is good friends with her to and she can
barely stand her either. We talk smack about her all the
time but after we're done we always say "we still love her
though." She does have some good qualities like eternally
honest, but she has a jealousy streak like no other. I dont
know I love her (as a friend) but hate her at the same
time. You'd think that I was overreacting but over the
years lots of people have agreed that shes to much
sometimes. I dont know what to do.

To be friends or not to be friends that is the question.
And I am way to cheesy.

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