It's seems I am a believer
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2003-12-06 21:31:33 (UTC)

My Day So Far

Date: 12/6/03 4:25 p.m.
Mood: Aite
Music: "Wasting My Time" by Mest

I spent the night at Nikki's and it was pretty fun. We
spent the whole night talking bout Ryan and her man,
Billy. Billy is really sweet to her but he's not
very...afectionet(sp). I think she might be a little
jealous of me and Ryan and that makes me feel a little
bad. I could kinda tell when Ryan called me on my cell
just to talk, which was really sweet. Oh my god! And his
friend Tommy wanted to talk to her! Now I think she's a
little conflicted. She worked sooo--- hard to get Billy
but now this pretty cool guy is I guess showing intrest in
her. And I'm her beft friend and I don't know what to tell
her. Ugh. Well, on to less important issues. What the fuck
do I get Ryan for Chismas?! Fuck, I don't even know if he
celebrates. He a total anti-Christ. Hmmmmm. Men are so
hard to shop for. Damn men!!! *Sigh* Well, tonight is
gonna be freakishly boring. My rent's are going to their
work holiday party thing. Eh, at least I wont have to eat
that crap my mom makes and maybe Ryan can come over ;).
LOL! Nah, I'd like him so I don't want my dad to have to
kill him. But I might meet him at his work (Starbucks) if
my mom will let me walk, but I doubt it. Damn! Ok, g2g
call Ryan. He's probably still in the shower though. Eh,
oh well. Peace!
Mad love,

Final Thought: "A friend is a sister destiny forgot to
give you."

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