2003-12-06 20:05:58 (UTC)

brother were art thou'* plus

i just get an email from my mom mentioning the fact of my
brother... my oldest brother.... he's across seas and has
been since august... i have only heard from him once and it
wasnt for very long.. so as u can imagine i miss him... a
lot!!!! well he has mentioned that he hasnt heard from us
at all and is very upset, but yet we havent heard from him
very much either... well besides kayla his wife... she
hears from him like twice a week, but you know how that
goes.. well either way i wont see him until may if he gets
to come home then, thats when he is schuduled to however
his third child is due in april, they r crazy if u ask
me... 3 children in 3 years i mean clam down killer lol use
a condom or something, but i guess after this one kayla is
getting her tubes tied... thank god for that one lol... a
quote for andy my brother "u never realize how much u love
someone until they r so far away u cant tell them" i love u
and then to the pissing me off part of the day so far... my
b/f rolls over and wakes me up and he goes "make love to
me" now honestly y would i want to make love to him when he
just woke me up i mean come on now use a little common
sense... he friggen always expects it and then the only
time i am willing to give it to him really he always has
friends over because id like to do it before i go to bed
not in the middle of the day or in the morning but before i
go to bed but he always seems to need to be around his
friends until 2 or 3 in the morning so i just go to bed and
say fuck it but then he gets all pissed about it and thinks
im going elsewhere and nows he's pissed because ive been
sick and tired all week so ive gone to bed early and he
hasnt gotten it and then earlier today he goes "im 19 i
should go get it elsewhere" now obviously that pisses me
off i mean come on now saying hes gonna get it elsewhere
stupid idea ryan shouldnt of said that then i went in like
an hour later to get my phone off the charger and im like
what are u all pissed about ur the one that said it and hes
like all i wanted was to have sex once now i have to wait
another week (i started my period today like anyone cares)
and i got pissed because he thinks that all a relationship
is is sex and i hate it!!! i mean what if i went away for
like a month and he stayed here what would happen... oh hed
get another g/f that righ tthats what happened the first
time we dated i was gone for the summer and he was dating
another girl at the same time... y am i so fucking stupid i
hate my life i hate this situation sometimes i wish i would
just die... sometimes i swear i should just go lay in the
middle of the interstate and get ran over multiple times in
a row... i feel like it right now well im off no quotes for
this im to pissed and upset
however one person always seems to put a smile on my face
and i dont know what id do if he wasnt around, i dont know
y im still with ryan when there is this great guy right
there and when i say great i mean incrediable :)3(:

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