listen to my silences
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2003-12-06 18:55:18 (UTC)


okay so i'm saving all my entries to disks just in case
something happens. i do about twenty or so entries at a
time. so i had about 125 already done before i got on here
today. i opened the file and clicked disable macros. and
i didn't pay attention to the fact that the top of the
screen said read only. i copied the other 75 onto it,
thought i saved it, clicked on the open icon just to see,
and it reverted to the saved file (not the read only).
because everything was on the read only, nothing saved that
wasn't already there. and now, because it reverted, i
can't go back to the read only. ahhhhhh...

so here i go back to attempting to copy my entries onto the
disk. and this time i'll make sure it doesn't say read

final thought: maybe i'm not but you're all i've got left
to believe in, don't give up on me i'm about to come alive,
and i know that it's been hard and it's been a long time
coming, but don't give up on me i'm about to come every frame upon our wall, lies a face that's
seen it all, our ups and downs and in our downs we helped
each other off of the ground, no one knows what we've been
through, making it ain't making it without you

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