Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2003-12-06 17:30:04 (UTC)

A new one

Yeah, I wrote in another entry like two days ago, but
then I accidently closed it out and it didn't save!! :o
But anyway, at least now I have some more to talk about
Samuel came over yesterday. Hes still asleep right now
though. Man I dunno, it gets so boring when I don't get a
chance to talk to my girl. She had to do some baby-sitting
the other night so yeah. I couldn't stop thinking about her
and its like that everyday for me! Shes always on my mind.
And yes I think about Wendy and Malinde too still, I wonder
if they are well...
I don't get why Erika likes talking to me so much. I'm
not that interesting. I don't really talk a whole lot
either... well to people I know too well at least. I
shouldn't have gotten so close to that girl. I didn't mean
to... it just ended up like that one day. I don't like how
she smokes weed, and has sex too much with her boyfriend.
Well that I wouldn't know. I have to admit, she opened a
door in my life. But also.... she really hurt me when she
tried to kill herself and then told me that I couldn't talk
her out of it. She said she was sorry about that and that
she wouldn't hurt me anymore.
I don't know... shes hurt me one too many times and
now I think I should keep her away from me... well my heart
at least. I love her, shes a good friend to have. I can't
change the way she is... crap haha she just came
on. ::sighs:: Well I was thinking about going but I
dunno... I wanna write some more here. hehe I jerked off in
the shower again! lol oh well, what can it hurt if it goes
down the drain anyway right? lol Of course that was like
two days ago anyway!! GRRR I wish my last entry could've
been saved. Now I forgot what all happened.v_v Oh well, my
girl is on now! ^_^ See you later!